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fRequently Asked questions

How long can I keep my doughnuts?


Doughnuts are best enjoyed the same day they are made. After that they become dry, hard, and stale.


Are all of your doughnuts vegan?


Yes. At the Vegan Doughnut Co. everything is Vegan! All of our doughnuts are free from dairy & eggs. 


Are your doughnuts gluten free?


No. Our doughnuts contain organic all purpose flour. 


Are your doughnuts free from nuts?


Yes. We do not use any nuts/ nut milks as toppings or in our doughnuts. 


Do your doughnuts contain soy?


Just a couple of the toppings contain soy. See our list of current flavors. 

Do you ship?

Nope. Our doughnuts do not contain any preservatives, so they are best enjoyed fresh.

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